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What is LTKY’s new media concept like?

The characteristics of the new Alive media concept are

  • Current
  • Flexible
  • Conversational
  • Possibility for members to make a difference
  • New possibilities for collaboration and sponsorship

Who can write?

Anybody with something to say something about the student life can write in Alive. Because Alive is LTKY’s own media concept, the primary goal is to publish material that in one way or another is related to the student life in Lappeenranta.

Alive’s primary publishers are LTKY’s own publishers: the published material is gathered, controlled and produced by LTKY’s informant. Nevertheless, we want to actively encourage different writers to get involved and produce material. It is hoped that for instance the boards of the guilds, LTKY’s clubs, university personnel, LTKY’s partners and above all members actively produce content.

What will I get out of writing?

Because we want to encourage as large a variety of writers to participate, every writer outside the LTKY employees will be rewarded a 25 euro gift card to Aalef for each written article. You can utilize the gift card in either the Campus bookstore or in Aalef restaurants.

You should also keep in mind the other benefits of writing in Alive: you’ll be heard, you will participate in different conversations around student life, sharpen your writing and communications skills, and make a difference.

What kind of content can I publish?

The content published in Alive is divided into three main groups: articles, news and statements.

  • Articles discuss many kinds of themes. What’s common with all articles is that the topic is viewed quite widely. Articles can contain interviews or quotations, even consist only of them. Write in a way that feels natural to you. An experienced writer can play with different writing styles, but a good piece can be written without using any tricks.
  • A bulletin and news focus on facts. Both typically have from one to a few matters. Some of the news published in Alive have been picked directly from LTKY’s own website.
  • There are a few different kinds of statement texts, for instance causeries and columns. With a statement you can take part in the conversation around a current topic. You can be provocative if you wish. If you feel like you have a lot to say, we can talk about your possibilities to become a columnist that publishes statements on a regular basis.

The published material can be politically biased; however, it cannot actually promote any political activities or actions. This means that a person who belongs to a political organization has a right to publish material in Alive.

Because we believe that the content published in Alive can also be utilized in developing LTKY’s own operations, we are ready to publish content that criticizes LTKY or contains development ideas. Say it! We want criticism, openness and conversation!

Even though all the content will be published on a platform offered by LTKY, LTKY doesn’t necessarily have to agree with the opinions of the private writers. LTKY will publish its own material with its own name, other people with their own (or, in special occasions, with a nickname).

LTKY has the right to not publish articles that, because of their content, implementation or the used language fit Alive. The basic idea is “heading first”, which we will explain more thoroughly in the next chapter.

Okay, I want to write. How do I do it?

The writing process

The process of writing is the following:

  1. Be in contact with LTKY’s informant Siiri Kähönen (; 044 2938823). You can approach the informant with a ready topic you want to write about or if you want to write but are not sure about the topic – if necessary, the informant can give you a topic. We will be happy to receive any topic suggestions! The topic must be accepted before writing the article! This way we will avoid unnecessary extra work, in case your article isn’t publishable for one reason or another.
  2. The topic is accepted, and a deadline is defined. You can now write the article. Think clearly what you want to say and to whom. Use common language but write in a way that feels natural to you. If you write a long article, use sub titles.
  3. Deliver your article by the deadline to the informant via e-mail ( Note the technical requirements listed below.
  4. The text will be proofread and required changes will be made before publishing in Alive. You profit and feast in Aalef restaurants with free lunches for over a week.

Technical requirements

The text you have written will anyway be formatted to fit the technical requirements of the Alive web page, but basic rules for text formatting are the following: font 12, line spacing 1.15 and an empty line between all paragraphs. Make sure that we will know which parts of your text are the heading, lead paragraph and sub titles. Deliver your text as an e-mail attachment in an editable format (not PDF). A good length for the article is, depending on the subject, around 500 words.

We wish for pictures for each article. Make sure that the pictures are of good quality so that they can be published on a web page, and that they are preferably in .jpg format. Send the pictures as e-mail attachments. If you wish to write captions for your pictures, mark clearly, which caption belongs to which picture. Also let us know in which order you prefer to have your pictures placed.

Because the main principle of Alive is that each article will be published with the name of the writer, also a picture of yourself is needed. Send us the picture you want to be shown as an attachment. The picture will be shown as a small square at the beginning of your article.

Online platform possibilities

Because the publishing platform is now a web page, we can require the possibilities of internet better than before. Include links to other interesting topics or articles through which an interested reader can find out more. Replace the picture with a GIF animation, publish a video article instead of  text – there are many options! Be in contact with the informant and we can discuss your ideas more.

Welcome in!


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