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Welcome to Alive!

Alive reaches around 5000 students of LUT, 3000 students of Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and more than 1000 professors, researchers and other staff members in the campus area. Since the beginning of 2017, Alive replaces the former printed Aalef Magazine.

Alive combines the best sides of a modern online media and a printed magazine: it’s flexible, gives oportunities for the whole people of the Skinnarila campus to be heard, it happens in real time and offers new ways for marketing.

The person responsible for the content of the media concept is LTKY’s own informant. All the material passes through her. LTKY produces some of Alive’s content, but the most important content producer is you. We’re constantly looking for people interested in writing articles about the student life. Read more about producing content here.

If you’re interested in the marketing possibilities of Alive, please be in contact with the communications correspondent of the board of LTKY. Let’s get to know your situation and find a solution that answers your needs in the best possible way.


Oona Tuomisto
044 293 8823

LTKY board
Topias Suikula
040 094 2368

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