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Something New To Do On A Boring Day

Something new to do on a boring day

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Are you bored of sitting at home and wanting to do more than just watch Netflix? Many have taken their steps to trails and outdoor gyms to get something to do. At least the nearest paths have become too familiar and especially without a company they will soon start to dull you.

Trails and outdoor activities are a great way to spend time outside the apartment without endangering your own or others health in a crowd. The shoreline is familiar to many, but few have certainly walked the entire route, which is about 10 kilometers from Skinnarila to Myllysaari.

In addition to the shoreline, there are several different nature trails in Lappeenranta, such as the Pappilanniemi, Rutola, Hämmäauteensuo (here you can also fry sausages), Mikonsaari and Parkinmäki nature trails. The Parkinmäki nature trail is a Biotrail, which was created in collaboration between LUT and the city of Lappeenranta and can be found near the university.

Trail in Pappilanniemi

Some nature trails are a little further and may require moving around by car. There are other excursion destinations in the South Karelia region, so if you can find a car, you should check out a compilation of excursion destinations here.

Exercise may not interest everyone, but everyone needs something to do, so the events in South Karelia have made virtual events that can be viewed here.

Lappeenranta City Library customers can also benefit from the library’s services from home. You can borrow magazines here, books here and watch movies here. I especially recommend reading books now when there is time and the movie service is really good. I have finally read books that have been waiting for months in the shelf.

Now is the time to get to know beautiful Lappeenranta and its surroundings. Instead of sitting on the couch, now is a good time to go outside, read, play music and even make puzzles. However, it’s sometimes good to calm down, enjoy the peace, and watch your favorite movies.

Article was written in co-operation with the city of Lappeenranta.


Oona Tuomisto

Writer works for LTKY and is a big user of trails nearby.

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