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SARS-CoC-2 Made A Great Impact On Student Life

SARS-CoC-2 made a great impact on student life

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Due to the current Coronavirus situation development in Finland and as required by the Act 1102/2017 Article 52, LTKY is doing their best to help the students deal with this difficult period of time, and the help in particular is directed to those who are planning to graduate in the spring of 2020. Thus, prospective graduates are offered an opportunity to graduate early, as long as they meet the minimum requirement of 160 ECTS and 100 ECTS for those pursuing Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, respectively. Replacement exams should be agreed upon separately with teachers, but LTKY recommends the distance learning practices mentioned further to meet the minimum requirements.

For Master’s students, the required studies are limited to Master’s Thesis, Work Internship in Master’s Degree and Finnish. Because of the government restrictions, it is impossible to access the labs and library facilities, therefore the comprehensive research proposal and the collection of the best lab jokes are the only requirements to completing the thesis. Work Internship course should be arranged with the help of LinkedIn, TE-palvelut and similar job searching websites; the students are required to daily report on their job searching activities using these websites to their personal blog. Two days of blogging equals 1 ECTS and maximum amount stays the same as usual (10 ECTS), with extra points are issued for the most appropriate use of existential crisis memes. The Finnish courses are considered passed, if the student uses at least two swear words in Finnish when trying to open the university door during the quarantine. You can also meet the graduation criteria by presenting your N-freshman pass.

To use this graduation opportunity, send your full transcript of records by 31.04 23:29. All requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The missing courses are graded only as pass/fail, no number grades are awarded even in exceptional situations. Transcript submissions after the deadline will not be accepted and will be discarded.

LTKY will organise a joint graduation ceremony for all the graduates of this spring on 5.09.2020 at 22:45. The graduation ceremony will be held in the Student Union House. All the graduates and common public are invited to attend, however during the ceremony it is recommended to keep the safe distance between the guests, therefore the guests will be seated with one seat in between.


Brian Kottarainen

Graduation Officer of LTKY Board

¤¤¤ 22¤¤¤45

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