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WWWappu Is Coming – Are You Ready?

WWWappu is coming – are you ready?

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Wappuglasses bought in good advance – check

Sparkling wine glass lost in last Wappu replaced – check

Sima(mead) in the making – check

Overalls in Wappu condition – check

Exams and other studies already taken care of – check

Wappu vibes – check

But what, is Wappu cancelled? – Luckily no!

Even though you can’t celebrate the traditional Wappu, you, just you, dear student of Lappeenranta, have a unique opportunity to try out the very first virtual all-month-and-one-day long WWWappu. And as you’re probably wondering, let’s open it up a bit!

The idea behind WWWappu is to be an alternative to the traditional Wappu bringing our students cheers and happiness. Our goal is to do those traditional Wapputhings we normally would, but just with considering the current situation of no gatherings and self quarantine with added a bit of creativity and competitiveness and of course brand new events and concepts. In other words: even though you can’t go to the bonfires with your friends, you can roast those marshmallows at home in a candle and connect your friends via whatever video calls. Or you can decorate your overalls to Wappucondition and challenge your friends to come up with better and more fun ways to decorate theirs. Or maybe you just need that little twitch to get you up and outside? We got you!

Even though all physical contact to other people is recommended to avoid, there’s no limits to video calls other than maybe your mobile phone’s battery or your laptop’s performance. Or just the laptop’s broken camera, which is my limit currently. Human is after all a creature who needs social contact, and people already celebrated at least one Wappu know that the time of Wappu is the most social time of the year (who knows, maybe so you have easier to working your summer alone in a different city than your friends who also work alone?) Now that the social contacts are restrained in their most noble form, let’s do our part of the cake with the alternative ways.

So! Take part and challenge your friends too. Use your creativity and have as much fun as you can with anything that even mildly inspires you. Changed environment tends to affect people negatively, be it becoming depressed or getting challenges to focus, sleep or even just figure out something to do in your boredom, so WWWappu may be just the thing you need the most right now. And to be frankly: Iäm not ready to not celebrate Wappu. Even though just alone in my own home and with only sima from the store, Wappu must be celebrated.

With Wappugreetings,



Meerimaria Ketokulta

The author is a second year student who cherishes and vibes Wappu maybe too much and while that also handles LTKY’s communications, so all the brickbats and bouquets to me.

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