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Sisu – Part Of The Finnish National Identity Or Something Else?

Sisu – Part of the Finnish national identity or something else?

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Sisu is a new study planning, monitoring and management system that will replace WebOodi during 2020. The system works as usual with LUT user id and the link to the system can be found in the top bar of Uni.lut. To begin with, a reminder that the system is still under construction, so you may encounter small challenges on your way. No worries! This is why we are slowly moving into the system, so it’s all ready and steady in fall. In case of problems contact:

Why are we switching to Sisu?

The license for the current system (WebOodi) will expire at the end of 2020, so it is wise to implement a new and better system right now. In addition, Sisu will also be taken by Aalto University and the Universities of Jyväskylä, Helsinki and Tampere. The same system helps, for example, attending courses at other universities as well.

So how is Sisu different from WebOodi?

Sisu works quite differently from WebOodi. The basic idea of ​​the system is to first plan the studies, then to implement them. In WebOodi it has been possible to grab a course from here and another there, and update the HOPS (personal study plan) just before the graduation. This will no longer work, and the HOPS will be updated every time you want to change courses. The system is designed in such a way that students can enroll only for courses that are in their personal study plan.

What does the transition to Sisu require of me?

Every student who has started their studies before the fall of 2019 must complete their personal study plan = HOPS to Sisu during spring 2020 at the latest. However, you do not have to do it alone (although the instructions are good), as Sisu workshops are held for everyone during the spring. Each degree program and degree structure has its own time that you can check out in uni.lut. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all workshops will be held remotely with Zoom. Oh and what’s Zoom? Well, you will also find instructions from uni.lut for Zoom next to your own HOPS schedule. So you can also move your HOPS on your own to Sisu, but try it out a little before your own workshop, so you can go and ask for help if you have a problem. Before you make Sisu-HOPS, you should also upgrade your study plan first in WebOodi so that you can easily copy them to Sisu.

I’m graduating soon, do I need to move my data to Sisu?

It depends on when you are going to graduate. If you graduate with a Master of Science in Economics or a M.Sc. in Engineering by July 31, 2020, this will not require any action on your part.

When the HOPS is moved to Sisu…

HOPS is built in Sisu, but completed credits looks a bit wrong. This may indeed be the case, as the completed studies and credits will not be transferred to Sisu until later this spring. Accepted credit transfers will be moved after the completed credits, so keep calm and wait. If by the end of April there are still no achievements, please follow the instructions in uni.lut. During the summer, the system will be polished and in the autumn, from August 1, 2020, students will fully enroll through Sisu for courses and exams.

Now that your knowledge of Sisu has been awakened, check out your HOPS schedule and other tips from uni.lut! You can access Sisu contents from the “IT for Students” menu, or directly from this link:

The article has been written with LTKY’s Advocacy Expert Tiia Kettunen.


Iita Hinkkanen

The writer is a member of LTKY’s board and responsible of Higher Education Politics.

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