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Do Not Leave The Student Culture Of Skinnarila In The Hands Of Others!

Do not leave the student culture of Skinnarila in the hands of others!

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LTKY, it’s members and the board want the Spirit of Skinnarila to flourish. One of the primary building blocks is the student culture, that is apparent in our events. Only one man in the board is responsible of Culture affairs, and he can occasionally be an old dickhead.

However, I’m sure there are plenty of people who yearn to do their part for the community. Be it improving existing events or creating new ones, a lot of great ideas go unfulfilled. Reasons vary: lack of manpower, resources or not knowing the right people. Your concept might be amazing, but you might lack the missing piece to complete the concept. Or maybe you are in an organization that for one reason or another can’t or won’t hold the event you want to see being done.

LTKY is forming a taskforce or a team, that is precisely for you, messengers of the Spirit of Skinnarila, those who want to partake in making our events and student cültüre bigger, better and b-adjective’er. We’re looking for people of all walks of student life, from freshmen to us old dickheads, cross disciplinary, including UAS students. The common denominator is the will to create new and better student life to our headland.

Why should one join the team? The culture- and event team together with the board’s Culture affairs representative get to make LTKY’s events their way and get access to the resources to create new events in a motivated group of individuals. Our goal is to form an independent group of trailblazers™ to be a positive influence in our everyday lives as students and create events that we don’t even know we want to attend. The goal is not to forget traditions, but to expand and build on them. The team gets to set their own goals and projects, how it operates starting from it’s name and symbols. In the future we want to see membership of the team being a point of pride and the members to do it for the love of the craft. There will be no payment for taking part.

How does one join? Anyone interested can send a freeform application to Additional information can also be queried from said email, or you can just come to the LTKY office at the student union building and ask us board members. From the applications the board will form a group of motivated members representing the campus. The team will form it’s roster every 6 months, so taking part won’t get in the way of future plans such as exchange or partaking in another organization. The application period starts on Monday 27.1. and ends 14.2..

What are we looking for?

-Will to hold events and cultural activities

-Ability to work in a team and be responsible

-New points of view

-Commitment to at least one semester (6 months)

For last words: we live in the best student society in Finland (proven by research by TEK, 2019) but being complacent is a surefire way of starting the regression of the Free State of Skinnarila. The Spirit of Skinnarila is continuous work to uphold and advance it. Our community is hard at work already, but this team is a chance to go above and beyond.


Kuisma Närhi

The author is, according to some, a scary old man, LTKY’s board member responsible of Student Culture and a fanatic of the Spirit of Skinnarila.

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