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SIUN Is Dead – Next Up: GT

SIUN is dead – next up: GT

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The new term of LTKY’s board of representatives is dawning and the new election union is forming. Gininen Tulevaisuus, loosely translated as Ginful Future is a cross-discliplinary union that aims to represent the entire student body. Although the branding is renewed, the basic principles of well-informed, clear decisionmaking remains.

Historically SIUN has been a union of students in computer science and industrial engineering, but we’ve always put the good of the entire student community first and as of the moment of writing, we’ve received queries to enlist as a candidate in our union from two guilds previously unrepresented in our union – Ginful Future is truly an interdisciplinary theme.

Although the name would suggest GT to be a joke group full of drunkards, it is actually meant to represent the way we’ve always approached the work in the board of representatives: making responsible decisions and paving the future of LTKY in a collaborative group, in the Skinnarila spirit. Should the representative choose so, he or she may enjoy a juniper-based drink – after council meetings.

So why should you enlist as a part of our union or vote for us?

So far this term has been one of rather unanimous decision making, but GT is going to continue the proven practice of going through the matters at hand together well before the board meetings so we can reach a mutual conclusion and stand as a unified voice. This way we can discuss different points of view and understand the issues at hand well in advance.

We are a union that is actively participating in not only forming the board of directors, but also supporting their work, be it participating in committees, task forces or the directorate of the board of representatives. We want our future board members to continue this tradition.

Our current candidates had a discussion and a few main themes rose that our union represents: student well-being, the Skinnarila spirit, further improving member services and benefits as well as student culture. The issue of automatic student union membership is an issue, and if cancelled, poses a great challenge to LTKY. Should this happen, we want to ensure that the student cause remains active and LTKY’s services don’t decline.

We also want to ensure that the knowledge and experience of representatives are passed on to younger generations of students, so our veteran representatives are ready to teach the ins and outs of LTKY-work and together build a better, more ginful LTKY for the freshmen in the future.


Kuisma Närhi

The author is the current 1st vice chairman of LTKY’s board of representatives and the contact person of Gininen Tulevaisuus. Contact GT through

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