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Black List & Gray List

Black List & Gray List

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The black and grey lists are a part of LTKY’s advocacy toolbox. Through these lists you can send us feedback. For example in case of delayed grades or other problems. The aim of this article is to explain the function of these lists, so that they are more usable for us all.

Purpose of the Black List

The Black List is a feedback channel from which through students can report delayed evaluation results of assignments. The delay is defined according to the Degree Regulations in LUT (37§):

“Teachers must release assessment results to students within 30 days of the completion and submission of the course’s final study study attainment. For Exam or Moodle examinations which are open for several days, the grades must be made known within 30 days of the closure of the examination. The final grades of courses must be entered into the student data file in writing within 30 days of the final study attainment of the course. For examinations or other study attainments arranged in June or July, teachers must release the grades to students within two months, but no later than by the end of August.”

We do not want to judge teachers or cause problems. The Black List has been created, so that we can observe students’ rights in terms of evaluation schedules.

Black List action

Black List feedback comes through an anonymous form. In the form, the student writes the return date of the assignment or exam, and the lecturer or teacher of the course. The correct date and the fact, that more than a month have passed since the evaluation is very important, in order to save us time from unnecessary processing. In addition, the entire form must always be filled in fully to ensure that the information is passed on smoothly. Particularly important before submitting a notification is to check, that the results have not already come. By doing everything correctly, the Black List will not be filled with unnecessary feedback. When the Black List feedback arrives, we will forward it within 24 hours or the next business day.

Black List reminder for teaching staff

It would be good to respond to the Black List reminder we send. At least at what time the results will be brought to the knowledge of the students, and if desired, an explanation of why the evaluation is late. It may also be a misunderstanding, so it would also be good clarify. Delays in evaluations are unacceptable, even though in general these are forgetfulness or the teacher has been overloaded. Ending up to the Black List is therefore not an end of the world, unless it is uncontrollably repetitive, after which the matter is taken forward.

The reminder is not a threat letter sent by LTKY to distress anyone, but it is our duty to monitor the legal protection of students equally. We are always ready to discuss evaluations and their schedules, so that we can reduce the number of notifications in the future.

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Grey List

You can send any other feedback on issues related to teaching and studying to the Gray List. Feedback may be about study courses, study atmosphere, student rights, etc. and feedback may be either negative or positive. In any case, the feedback should be proper and clear, so that we can take it forward to the University or other concerned.

Gray List feedback can be left anonymous, but contact information will help us, if we need more information or the student wants us to inform about the progress. We always forward the feedback anonymously first, even if we have the student information. Every feedback case takes it’s individual time, but we try to work fast.

Read more about the Gray List:

The Black List and Gray List are mainly maintained by LTKY’s advocacy expert. We also wants to receive feedback for the development of the lists, and will be happy to tell more about the operation of the lists to students or staff.


Tiia Kettunen

The writer works as an advocacy expert at LTKY
and coordinates Black List and Gray List.

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