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Juhis: Our LUT Will Continue To Be LUT

Juhis: Our LUT will continue to be LUT

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To put a long story short: it seems that we will be able to use our dear abbreviation LUT also in the future. In other words, our university’s name game took a fortuitous turn. We will not be called the University of Every Possible Subject or the Great University Alliance of South-east Finland.

At this point, we need to bear in mind that a change of name requires approval from the Parliament. We are proposing Lappenrannan-Lahden teknillinen yliopisto LUT (the Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT) as the official version documented in the Finnish Universities Act. In everyday use, we will be called LUT-yliopisto or LUT University – just like Hanken is called Hanken internationally.

We have debated the name and its different alternatives at length with the Ministry of Education and Culture representing the government. I especially wish to thank Permanent Secretary Lehikoinen and Director General Kosunen for their constructive and exceptionally solution-focused discussions related to the name of our international research university and for taking into account our national position as well.

This all started with the fact that the name Lappeenranta University of Technology no longer sufficiently describes us, as our second campus in Lahti will increase in importance in the near future. Consequently, I want our new name to convey to the growing enterprises and other key players in the Lahti region that we as a research university are especially committed to continuing the strong work we have done in Lahti over two decades. As a result of these changes, Lahti will officially become a university city. We at LUT are as proud of it as we are of the city of Lappeenranta.

A great deal of brand equity has been tied to the abbreviation LUT over the years. This solution allows us to hold on to it. It is also inspiring to build on our existing foundation. Over the past year, we have examined and updated the core of the LUT brand to correspond to what we have achieved and where we are going in the spirit of curiosity.

We wanted our brand communication to reflect our student culture and Skinnarila spirit more strongly. In addition, we wanted our brand to reflect a community that has a sense of curiosity, looks at matters from a different angle, and is determined to work hard to make the world a better place.  In consequence, #landofthecurious was coined last year.

Since 1969, LUT has been a world of its own where no one is abandoned. We in the LUT community share a certain mentality and state of mind. In other words, we will continue to be a community where curious people inspire others of their kind. Without curiosity, we cannot change the world. A curious person tries, fails and succeeds at a faster pace than others. We will continue to fight for a better tomorrow and show curiosity in addressing issues that the world needs and that others may deem impossible.

Next, LUT’s Land of the Curious will dive into water-related issues. We will showcase our strengths in the fields of energy, water, side streams, and responsible business and entrepreneurship combined with the clean Nordic environment and way of life. We will also highlight our uniquely curious collective mentality, founded in technical and business science and in doing the unexpected.

@JuhisSaksa, +358 400166659

P.s. If you want a preview of the new visual material related to our brand, here are a few teasers:


Juha-Matti Saksa

The writer is the principal of Lappeenranta University of Technology.

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