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The Summer Job Market Is Heating Up – Find A Job On The LUT Rekrynet Site!

The summer job market is heating up – find a job on the LUT Rekrynet site!

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The LUT Rekrynet is a job portal for LUT students and alumni. It publishes all job advertisements sent by companies to our students. The service is available at A link to the service can also be found on the UNI portal’s Career Services page.

Companies are currently seeking summer employees, so now is the time to find out more about jobs for the coming summer and to send applications.

Summer jobs, thesis jobs and permanent jobs

The LUT Rekrynet publishes advertisements for all longer-term jobs for technology or business students and graduates. Jobs in other fields are not advertised. The jobs may be located anywhere in Finland and even abroad. The service annually publishes over 5000 vacancy announcements.

The LUT Rekrynet lists:

  • Summer jobs
  • Permanent and fixed-term jobs
  • Part-time jobs
  • Thesis jobs
  • Internships

Companies upload their own announcements into the nationwide Rekrynet service and select which universities have access to them. The employers range from large enterprises to small start-ups. Also the job spectrum is wide. Companies value LUT students and their education background, which is why you should not hesitate to apply when a suitable and interesting job comes along.

Choose your own way of using the LUT Rekrynet

The LUT Rekrynet provides an easy way of finding a job or internship in your own field. The vacancy announcements are clear-cut and concise. The duties are listed and instructions for applying clearly presented. If the job description is in English, the company is also prepared to hire someone who does not speak Finnish.

You can check for new listings in Rekrynet daily. The new jobs are always at the top of the list in the initial view. You can also limit the search to regular jobs, internships or thesis work under the heading “Show”. The list is updated automatically according to your preferences.

By clicking on “Advanced search”, you can limit the search based on the location, field or type of the job. By entering a company name, job title or individual word into the “Search word” field, you can further limit the search. Checking the box “Finnish or Swedish language skills are not required for this position” may be useful for international students. Below is a screen view of an advanced search.

You can also use the LUT Rekrynet to find companies that interest you. Look for companies that have published job advertisements in English and call them or send them an open application. They may have other vacancies that do not require Finnish skills.

Read the advertisements through carefully – the heading does not necessarily tell the whole story. Especially now that the summer job season is around the corner, companies may announce several vacancies in one advertisement. A company may, for instance, be seeking both an engineering intern and a marketing assistant.

Also take a look at advertisements by lesser known companies; you might find your dream job there. Many companies fill their vacancies when they find the right person for the job, which is why you should apply without delay when you find an appealing advertisement.

Follow the advertisements in the LUT Rekrynet regularly. At the moment, the service has about 450 advertisements, and 20 new ones are posted daily.


Annika Vaittinen

The author is a student assistant in LUT Career Services and an environmental technology student.

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