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Aalef: What Is Changing?

Aalef: What is changing?

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During the first months of the year, Aalef and LTKY have been processing the feedback that Aalef has received. Little by little, customers of the restaurants start to notice that some things have improved. Some of the changes are visible, some invisible, some of them are yet to come.

What you have noticed

Unless you walk into Aalef with your eyes closed, you have noticed the new digital screens. Modern, updateable screens in the Student Union House’s lobby and at the ends of both service counters will make it easier for information about actual courses, new food releases, origins of the food and special diets to flow in real time. Information about the food will be shared also in English.

Now the visitor also knows what the salad table contains. From now on, there are signs telling more specifically about the contents of each salad dish.

What you might have noticed

Nowadays, Aalef emphasizes the necessity of giving feedback on the go. If something is wrong, it’s easier have it fixed if the staff can find out about the lacking item. The overall atmosphere of the Student Union House restaurant has improved after putting into practice the idea of a hall responsible: a person who takes care of the dining hall and makes sure that bread, soup etc. don’t run out and that the area is nice and clean. The hall responsible can and should be bothered.

You’ll find more seats in the sitting area as tables and chairs have been rearranged. Now, the sofas can be found next to the window wall.

What you possibly didn’t know

By asking the staff, people with allergies or special diets can have vegan food and green salad without tomatoes. A person with a really restrained diet should anyway speak with the staff of Aalef: if needed, single portions that suit your needs can be prepared.

The selection and nutritiousness of vegetarian food will be improved in the future with a practical project. People eating vegetarian food have given feedback about the food: it’s been said that it  would work as a side, not a main dish, and that it doesn’t contain enough protein, even if fulfilled with nuts and beans from the salad tables.

During this spring, Aalef will organize a Vegetarian Food Development Jury. With vegetarian food actives, a deeper look into the recipes will be taken and thoughts and ideas will be shared. If you consider yourself a vegetarian pioneer and want to take part in the jury, send a message to Antti Ilmavirta (

General feedback on the food was given already on February 7 in an Aalef Jury where a group of student representatives evaluated old and tasted new courses. A lot of feedback around specific courses was gathered, and a similar event will possibly be organized in the future on a larger scale. On basis of the feedback Aalef receives, new dishes are created and old, less popular ones are removed from the lists regularly.

What will disappoint some of us

The Student Union House restaurant will never look the same as Laseri. This is because Technopolis owns Laseri and at the same time is responsible for renovating it, whereas Aalef rents facilities for the restaurant at the Student Union House. Thus, possibilities for widescale renewal or renovations are limited.

Not much can be done to the overcrowding of the Student Union House restaurant during busiest lunch hours. The facilities are limited by their structure, and service counters can’t be moved. Even if the counters were made faster than before, seats in the dining hall would run out despite the new, more efficient order of tables and chairs.

Nevertheless, the Student Union House restaurant is more efficient compared to Laseri, and for everyone’s relief the queues will be shorter after the main building restaurant opens its doors in the fall.

The food offering of Aalef is reformed thoroughly as ground beef fingers will be removed from the lists forever. A representative of traditional dishes, pepper hot dogs, will stay on the lists to keep up the reputation of long-time favorites.


More information will be provided by LTKY’s Secretary General, Antti Ilmavirta,, 044 293 8818.


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