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Renovation Of The University: We Are Developing An Even Better Study Environment

Renovation of the university: We are developing an even better study environment

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The renovation of the university’s main building, the LTO15 Verso project, has progressed well on schedule as of April 2016. The renovation will impact everyday life on campus for some time to come, as the final facilities are scheduled to be finished by January 2019.

Section Scheduled to be finished
Main building and lobby August 2017
North section (university of applied sciences side) January 2018
South section (Library side, e.g. auditoriums 1381-1383) January 2019
Laboratories in the main building December 2017

The cafeteria in the main building will be opened in autumn 2017. In addition, Street Café will be opened on the third floor.

How will we study in 2047?

University staff and students have been involved in the planning of the renovation in different thematic working groups. Students have contributed to the group that focused on the cafeteria, hallways, and teaching and learning facilities. Students and staff will continue to be engaged in the planning through e.g. an idea competition aiming to collect good ideas on efficient facility use before the renovation is finished (hallways, lobbies, cafeterias).

“The solutions we implement in the renovation must be functional also 30 years from now. In other words, the designers and planners need be able to anticipate a great many aspects,” says Facility Director Tuomo Tamper.

“Who knows how learning environments will develop in the future, but the renovation aims to provide novel learning environments that are interactive and multifunctional,” Tamper adds.

Paying attention to energy solutions

The LTO15 Verso project pays attention to energy solutions and the utilisation of renewable sources of energy. For example, the main building will be partly heated with air-to-water heat pumps. As a result, the carbon dioxide emissions from energy consumption in the main building will, with current emission factors, be over 70 per cent lower than with a district heating system alone.

Solar panels will be installed on the roof of the main building and parts of the facade. Their capacity will be 400-500 kW, which is roughly double the capacity of LUT’s current power plant. LUT will thus produce 7-10 per cent of the electricity it needs.

In connection with the renovation, University Properties of Finland and LUT will together conduct a demo project aiming to create comfortable public areas by paying attention to acoustics, AV equipment, and the auditory environment.

New services on campus

The initial plan is to offer new services on campus as a result of the renovation. A new gymnasium on the ground floor of the main building will be an up-to-date teaching and exercise space for students and staff. Other services are still being planned.

Further information

LUT Facility Services will publish a monthly bulletin on the progress of the renovation. You can read it in UNI, on the project intranet page or the intranet front page Support services > Tilapalvelut > 1-rakennuksen peruskorjaus ja laboratoriomuutokset.


Salme Arola

The writer is a fifty-sixty HR worker and an informant of different university projects.

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