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How To Get An Awesome Internship: A Simple Formula And Links

How to Get an Awesome Internship: A Simple Formula and Links

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The summer time is coming, and more and more students in Lappeenranta are starting to think about how to spend the time with benefit. Although vacation matters, an internship allows you to mix business with pleasure. Iryna Maliatsina shares her thoughts on the benefits of a summer internship and how to find one from a student’s point of view.

Why should I spend my long-awaited holiday working? Does this sound like you? Actually, the benefits of an internship are great. You will not only apply your academic knowledge to practical experience and make your resume more attractive, but will also gain an unforgettable life experience. Do you still have a shadow of a doubt? Just think what you will do with your money!

If your decision now is confident, you can start your application process. The best thing is that if you give it a try, it will be much easier for you to look for a full-time job after the graduation.

First and foremost, you should update your resume. Look through the contact details, dates, reference list, etc. Another important thing to keep in mind is the layout and format. Is your resume uninteresting, unoriginal and impersonal? In other words, not much to look at? Try to add some details and little touches, such as striking title or colorful background. Just do it slightly. Do not overdo it.

When the resume process is over, it is time to move on looking for opportunities and internship offers. At the very beginning think about the companies you dream to work at. Do not be afraid to be too ambitious. Fortune favors the brave. If your dream internship is to work for Google, P&G, Apple, Nike or whatever you have in mind, check their websites and do it. Also, visit the International Mobility page at the portal for the list of traineeships worldwide and recruitment sites. Of course, do not forget about the LUT Career Service and Job Hunting recommendations that are very useful.

One more thing to remember is a social network. Although Facebook might be helpful in the job search, you should consider creating a profile at Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, etc.

Frequently, during the recruitment process, you are asked to enclose the cover or motivation letter, proof of enrollment and the current credits, so be ready to attach them. The cover letter might be your hat trick. While some of the recruiters take just a short look at it, it is a great moment to show your personality and a keen interest in the internship opportunity. Keep in mind that it is important to have the actual name of the person you address the letter to. If it is an unknown recruiter, you will have no other option but to use generic “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Sir or Madam.”

The Erasmus Internship Program, as well as the AIESEC Professional Internship, can help you with the international traineeships. The Vice President B2C of AIESEC Saimaa, Ectore Scuissiatto, gives insight on how AIESEC can support students in looking for an internship.

“AIESEC has a web-based portal which contains all the available opportunities to the students. After signing up, the candidate can apply to any of them that fits the student’s profile. After receiving the sign ups, the host entity evaluates the CVs and schedule an interview.”

But that is not all. “If approved, the candidate will receive all the support from AIESEC in the local committee. AIESEC will help by setting expectations, to apply for a visa and to find accommodation, if not provided by the host company.”

When you are done with the earlier steps, you should be patient. Some companies will give a reply immediately to tell you if you have wait two or more weeks to hear from them. Big corporations such as P&G, might ask you to pass the logical or reasoning test or arrange a face-to-face interview in the country of destination.

If everything goes well, you will be invited to an interview. In the case of international internships, it is usually a Skype interview so be sure that your ID is not “Honey Kate” and “Hot Cowboy.” There are plenty of tips how to prepare for the interview. The most important ones are to be confident with the internship description and your resume information, to think about the wall behind you and, for heaven’s sake, to wear your full outfit! Remember, if you don’t succeed at first, try again. After several or even numerous attempts, your patience and perseverance will finally begin to bear fruit.

For sure, you should put some serious thought into completing an internship. It is an excellent opportunity to meet new people or to visit new countries. You can be sure that you will be given all necessary help if you ask about it. Just do not rest on your laurels!

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Iryna Maliatsina

The writer is a master student from Belarus, adventure seeker and life enthusiast, passionate about the environment.

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