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What’s Happening Here?

What’s happening here?

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Alive has been born.

In the autumn of 2016 LTKY’s representative council made the decision of not continuing the publishing of the traditional, printed Aalef magazine. Us, the communications sector of the student union, found ourselves in a unique situation: we would have to come up with something entirely new.

After several meetings, often had in the late hours of the day, and drafts on the whiteboard an idea was born. We decided to create something that hadn’t exactly been created by any Finnish student union so far. Alive was created.

Alive not only fulfills all the requirements set after the death of Aalef but offers a lot more. Because the media is online, as a platform it’s flexible and in real time, reaches a wider public and offers completely new forms of cooperation with our partners.

The goal of Alive is to increase discussion on the campus area. The new concept’s backbone is openness: anybody is welcome to write. The content is moderated and controlled but not censored per se. Alive is close to every follower.

We embrace each article, statement text or piece of news sent to us. Whether you are a common student, a professor at the polytechnic, a wise president of a guild, an employee at Aalef, the communications manager of the University, a grandfather of a student, an entrepreneur interested in the talents of Skinnarila or anything else, we want you. You can find more specific instructions for writing here.

As you write, you will not only find yourself in a situation of being part of the foundations of the media concept, but also get a 25-euro gift card to Aalef as a thank-you. You can use the gift card at the campus bookstore or at Aalef restaurants.

We were very devoted to creating the web page, and we’re very proud of it. We hope that your Alive experience will be as nice as possible. We are expecting, though, that ideas for developing the page further will arise. Contact us, and we can develop the platform together.

New content will be published at least once a week or more often, depending on the amount of articles written. Come on in – be Alive! 


Siiri Kähönen

Writer is the informant of LTKY, moderator of Alive and a fourth-year business student that runs with pilates and Battery.

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