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The New Vanguard Of LTKY

The new vanguard of LTKY

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The new board of the student union is going to develop communications, step down from the ivory tower and get closer to members. The idea that LTKY exists for the students, not the contrary, is strong among the new crew.

Jan, chairman

My name is Jan and this year I will be the chair of the board of the student union. I study mostly business but I’m also very interested in technical studies and statistics.

I began my studies in the university in 2014 and aside from my studies I’ve been working on a lot of other things at the university and at LTKY. Once I was riding a LUT bike in a cycling event in Lappeenranta. In this sincere-sounding event two electric bikes, one aluminum tent and my trust in my own repairing skills were broken.

I’ve been working for the student union already for 18 months and doing a lot of things in the field business and common matters. In other words, I’ve been doing a little bit of everything and I have a good perception of how the union works and who we are. I think our student union needs to be much closer to a student than what we are right now. This was my opinion when I entered LUT and it still remains.

That’s the reason I came to the organization: I saw a lot of things to improve and I thought I could execute the changes towards better by myself. Now I understand that it was naive, to think that I could make big and complicated things happen alone in such a short time while working as a mere member of the board. In order to actually create a fuzz I understood that I needed to get the whole LTKY office behind me and that I would have to work as the chair. As the representative council showed green light to the problem areas and solutions that I had suggested, I decided to apply for another round and run for chair.

And here we are now! With an amazing board crew and a clear goal. In year 2017, LTKY office is full of talents loaded with Can Do attitude. I can’t wait to get to work hard with these people! We have an amazing and exciting year ahead of us during which I really hope that we will positively affect the lives of as many students as possible. The just reason for the existence of a student union are students, and that’s what we want you to remember.

Saara, vice chair and academic affairs


I’m Saara, a fourth year chemical engineering student. I’m beginning as the academic affairs correspondent and vice chair of LTKY board. As the academic affairs correspondent I’ll be communicating LTKY’s opinions about every-day student matters to the university and other decision-makers and together with Teemu, moderating the grey list and student policy matters. As the vice chair, I’ll be helping Jan and I also represent LTKY in TEK student committee. Working in the board is interesting, because it’s a way of having an influence on (my own) student life and meet other influential people around Finland.

I already have a lot of experience of working in the board of KeTeK. I thought a job in LTKY board would be a natural next step on this “career” and decided to apply! From the very beginning I knew that out of the board tasks I would be the most interested in promotion of students’ interests. Jan suggested the task of vice chair, because he thought I’m confident about what I do and I understand well the operations of big pictures.

During my own season I would like to openly disclose what the board and secretariat of LTKY do for the whole student union. A big part of board activities are pretty invisible and the members don’t necessarily know. That’s why sometimes there are some unfounded rumours – for instance, the exam archive isn’t actually going anywhere! I think the most important tasks of the board are to represent the students of lappeen Ranta both locally and nationally as well as to stick together and help each other.

Jenni, social politics

I am Jenni Kyheröinen, a third year business student. In 2017, I will work as the social politics correspondent of the board. It means that I’m responsible for LTKY’s social political affection. My task is very versatile and I’ll get to be part of having an influence on students’ well-being in cooperation with our many interest groups.

I got involved in board activities because I want to take part in developing and improving students’ well-being and promotion of interests. In my opinion, these two are the most important tasks the board has and they need to be promoted on each sector. During my season I would like to aspire to bring LTKY closer to the every-day life of students. I hope that each student would know what LTKY does and how we can support both individual students and students as a whole. My expectations for the season are high and I’m very excited to improve the activities of LTKY.




Teemu, higher education politics

I’m Teemu Hujanen, a fourth year mechanical engineering student. I come to lappeen Ranta from the metropolitan area, from Espoo, to be exact. I’m into basketball and fishing, though lately I’ve taken a step back from both. This year I’ll be working in the field higher education politics. I got interested in the board activities of the student union when I was in the board of KRK. Bigger chances to influence the lives of students started to feel appealing, so I decided to apply for the board of the student union.

This takes us to one of the most important tasks of the student union: the promotion of students’ interests. I believe I was picked because I showed interest towards the operations and met the chair applicant. We talked about what might be ahead of me. Even though I had some doubts, the chat we had turned them over and I decided to send an application. Here I am.

During my season I want to communicate the opinions of students and bring the idea of the board activities closer to the members so that it would be easier for everybody to get interested and involved in the student union’s actions.


Olli, culture, member services, clubs and collaboration organizations

I’m Olli and I’m a fifth year electrical engineering student. My responsibility areas in the board are culture, member services, clubs and collaboration organizations. After working in the board of Sätky for three years I still felt like I had more to give to the student community. I got in, because I’m interested in what I do and apparently I managed to assure the student representative council of my abilities.

During my season I want to change the image of LTKY as an ivory tower. Approaching and getting to know the people of LTKY should not be difficult or unpleasant. One of the most important jobs of the LTKY board is to ensure that the operations and development of the student union continue.




Jeremias, international matters, work life, tutoring and sports


I’m a 21-year-old junior from Varkaus and I study industrial engineering for the third year. My responsibility areas are international matters, work life, tutoring and sports. My interest towards working in the board of LTKY arose as I understood that by my own actions, it’s possible for me to influence matters that concern every student. I’m highly motivated also by the fact that I’m now operating on a whole new playground and among matters that are new for me. I’m not a man of one field.

The tasks I got were given me because it was seen as the best option on a general level, both interest- and potential-wise. I’ve gotten the image that most consider LTKY quite a distant and unknown organization. With my own actions, I’m trying to bring LTKY closer and better known among the members. LTKY is for the students, not the contrary.

The most important task of the board is to achieve the goals set for us. On a more specific level, the communication between LTKY organization and the members needs to be on a better level, and the approaching municipal elections are a great chance to improve the willingness to influence on a municipal level. At least as important is to pay attention to the little things of our operations. The big picture is made of details.


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