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The Longest Wappu Of Finland

The longest Wappu of Finland

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It is happening right now!


Well Wappu of course!


During these last few days you have probably heard the word Wappu more than once. But what is this Wappu and why is it so big deal for us students in Lappeenranta?

If you want to know what vappu is in general or if you are interested in the history of vappu I advice you to check the links below because this blog text hasn´t been written to explore vappu in general  but to tell you more about the longest Wappu of Finland.

For more general info:


Our Wappu in Skinnarila is best known of its length. Depending on the year and other factors Wappu takes on average a bit over two weeks from mid-April to the second of May. This year Wappu lasts three weeks and during this time there are all sorts of events offered for students.  To compare I have to mention that for “normal people” (not students) the Wappu celebration begins on the evening of 30th April and end to 1st of May.  So only 2 days,hah.


 Usually people associate Wappu celebration strongly with alcohol and I have heard that some students define Wappu as a period of many weeks when finnish students are drunk as hell. Sadly I have even heard that some students don´t want to have anything to do with Wappu because its only drinking. But that is not the whole truth. Of course, as we are finns, there is going to be alcohol in Wappu celebration but it doesn´t mean that you have to drink in order to participate to the Wappu events.


Like I said before there are all sorts of events during Wappu. You can see the schedule 2015 from here: .  You should check the program and see what Skinnarilas Wappu has to offer for you. There is for example metal music event on Friday the 17th, Wappu sitz party on 18th, hill car race on 26th and much more. There is also some sport events; on Monday the 20th Campus Sport Day and on Tuesday 28th Skinnarila bouldering contest. Wappu culminates to the freshmen baptism in Lake Saimaa on May Day Eve and to May Day´s Wappu picnic.


I encourage you to participate as many events as you can and I hope that you enjoy the longest Wappu of Finland!

The longest Wappu of Finland:


Senni Bilund

Pictures: Miika Tiainen


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